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This documentation is out-of-date. Please bear with us while we work to update the documentation to reflect reality!

Troubleshooting Builds

"Check nothing has changed" step fails

If your PR fails the codegen CI step, you can either:

(1) Simple - download the codgen.patch file from CircleCI and apply it:

download codegen patch file

git apply codegen.patch 
git commit -am "Applies codegen patch"

(2) Advanced - if you have the tools installed (see the contributing guide), run the following:

make pre-commit
git commit -am 'Ran pre-commit checks'

Updating The Builder Image

Login to Docker Hub:

docker login

Build image:

make builder-image IMAGE_NAMESPACE=argoproj IMAGE_TAG=v1.0.0

Public CD

Every commit to master is built and published to<version>-<short-sha>. The list of images is available at


Github docker registry requires authentication to read even publicly available packages. Follow the steps from Kubernetes documentation to configure image pull secret if you want to use image.

The image is automatically deployed to the dev Argo CD instance: