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Sync Options

No Prune Resources


You may wish to prevent an object from being pruned:

  annotations: Prune=false

In the UI, the pod will simply appear as out-of-sync:

sync option no prune

The sync-status panel shows that pruning was skipped, and why:

sync option no prune

The app will be out of sync if Argo CD expects a resource to be pruned. You may wish to use this along with compare options.

Disable Kubectl Validation


For a certain class of objects, it is necessary to kubectl apply them using the --validate=false flag. Examples of this are kubernetes types which uses RawExtension, such as ServiceCatalog. You can do using this annotations:

  annotations: Validate=false

If you want to exclude a whole class of objects globally, consider setting resource.customizations in system level configuation.