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Minio S3

The gateway listens to bucket notifications from Minio S3 server. If you are interested in AWS S3 then read AWS SNS Gateway

Install Minio

If you dont have Minio installed already, follow this link.

What types of bucket notifications minio offers?

Read about notifications

Event Payload Structure

Refer AWS S3 Notitification


  1. Before you setup gateway and sensor, make sure you have necessary buckets created in Minio.

  2. Deploy event source for the gateway. Change the event source configmap according to your use case.

  3. Deploy the gateway. Once the gateway pod spins up, check the logs of both gateway-client and artifact-gateway containers and make sure no error occurs.

  4. Deploy the sensor. Once the sensor pod spins up, make sure there are no errors in sensor pod.

Drop a file onto input bucket and monitor workflows

How to add new event source for a different bucket?

Simply edit the event source configmap and add new entry that contains the configuration required to listen to new bucket, save the configmap. The gateway will now start listening to both old and new buckets.