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The gateway listens to bucket notifications from storage grid.

Note: The gateway does not register the webhook endpoint on storage grid. You need to do it manually. This is mainly because limitations of storage grid api. The gateway spec defined in examples has a serviceSpec. This service is used to expose the gateway server and make it reachable from StorageGrid.

How to get the URL for the service?

Depending upon the Kubernetes provider, you can create the Ingress or Route.


  1. Deploy the gateway.

  2. Create the event Source.

  3. Deploy the sensor.

  4. Configure notifications

    Go to your tenant page on StorageGRID Create an endpoint with the following values, and click save

      Display Name: S3 Notifications
      URI: <route-url-you-created>
      URN: urn:mytext:sns:us-east::my_topic
      Access Key: <your-access-key>
      Secret Key: <your-secret-key>
      Certificate Validation: <Do not verify>

    Go to the bucket for which you want to configure notifications. Enter the following XML string, and click save


Trigger Workflow

Drop a file into the bucket for which you configured the notifications and watch Argo workflow being triggered.