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How To Provide Feedback

Please raise an issue in Github.

Code of Conduct

See CNCF Code of Conduct.

Contributor Meetings

A weekly opportunity for committers and maintainers of Workflows, Events, and Dataflow to discuss their current work and talk about what’s next. Feel free to join us! For Contributor Meeting information, minutes and recordings please see here.

How To Contribute

We're always looking for contributors.

  • Documentation - something missing or unclear? Please submit a pull request!
  • Code contribution - investigate a help wanted issue, or anything labelled with "good first issue"?
  • Join the #argo-contributors channel on our Slack.

Running Locally

To run Argo Workflows locally for development: running locally.

Test Policy

Changes without either unit or e2e tests are unlikely to be accepted. See the pull request template.

Contributor Workshop

We have a 90m video on YouTube show you have to get hands-on contributing.