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Argo on Desktop

Use the quick-start manifests.

Argo in Production

Determine your base installation option.

  • A cluster install will watch and execute workflows in all namespaces.
  • A namespace install only executes workflows in the namespace it is installed in (typically argo).
  • A managed namespace install: only executes workflows in a specific namespace (learn more).

⚠️ latest is tip, not stable. Never run it. Make sure you're using the manifests attached to each Github release. See this link for the most recent manifests.

⚠️ Double-check you have the right version of your executor configured, it's easy to miss.

⚠️ If you are using GitOps, never use Kustomize remote base: this is dangerous. Instead, copy the manifests into your Git repo.

Review the following:

Read the release guide before any major upgrade to be aware of breaking changes.


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