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Managed Namespace


v2.5 and after

You can install Argo in either cluster scoped or namespace scope configurations. This dictates if you must set-up cluster roles or normal roles.

In namespace scope configuration, you must run both the Workflow Controller and Argo Server using --namespaced. If you would like to have the workflows running in a separated namespace, add --managed-namespace as well.

For example:

      - args:
        - --configmap
        - workflow-controller-configmap
        - --executor-image
        - argoproj/workflow-controller:v2.5.1
        - --namespaced
        - --managed-namespace
        - default

Please mind that both cluster scoped and namespace scoped configurations require "admin" role because some custom resource (CRD) must be created (and CRD is always a cluster level object)