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To help you get up to speed, or further develop you Argo Workflows contribution skills, you can now get a mentor.

Mentors will help you with things like:

  • Resources to learn Golang, Typescript and React.
  • Get Argo Workflows running in development mode on your laptop.
  • Understand key concepts and learn your way around the source code
  • Getting your first pull request with a code contribution created, reviewed and merged.

Mentors and mentees must abide by the code of conduct.

How To Get A Mentor

We establish and end mentor/mentee relationships using issues. The mentee creates the issue and the mentor is assigned the issue. The relationship ends when the issue is closed.

To set expectations:

  1. Create a mentoring request with the title "I would like a mentor" and answer the questions in the template.
  2. A mentor will comment offering to mentor you. It may take a few days for a mentor to respond.
  3. You comment to accept or decline the offer.
  4. If you accept, then your new mentor will assign the issue to themself.
  5. The mentor may suggest resources to learn Golang or React, or discus the changes that will fix your bug or enhancement needs.
  6. Work together the create, approve, and merge your pull request.
  7. Once the PR is closed, then the issues is closed. The relationship ends. Congratulations!

If you want more help, just ask.

This is only for general mentoring. For Google Summer of Code, please do not create a mentoring request and find the instructions in the relevant section below.

How To Become A Mentor

Create a pull request which changes this page to add yourself to this list:


How to Participate Google Summer of Code

We are participating Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as part of the CNCF mentoring program! Please check out the list of project ideas here.

If you are interested in applying and working on a particular project, please take a look at the timeline here and submit your proposal only to the GSoC program website. Proposals submitted outside of the Google Summer of Code program site will not be considered for Google Summer of Code.

For program specific questions, please refer to GSoC FAQ.

How To Get Help

If you have any problems with your relationship, please contact us:


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