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To help you get up to speed, or further develop you Argo Workflows contribution skills, you can now get a mentor.

Mentors will help you with things like:

  • Resources to learn Golang, Typescript and React.
  • Get Argo Workflows running in development mode on your laptop.
  • Understand key concepts and learn your way around the source code
  • Getting your first pull request with a code contribution created, reviewed and merged.

Mentors and mentees must abide by the code of conduct.

How To Get A Mentor

Create an issue with the title "I would like a mentor".

We'll find the right mentor for you.

How To Become A Mentor

Create a pull request which changes this page to add you to this list:


  • @alexec (Alex)
  • @simster7 (Simon)
  • @sarabala1979 (Bala)
  • @terrytangyuan (Yuan)

How To End Your Relationship

All good things must come to pass. Create a pull request to delete your change.

How To Get Help

If you have any problems with your relationship, please concat us:

  • TODO - if some want to get help with Alex, then it cannot be alex they email