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Offloading Large Workflows


v2.4 and after

Argo stores workflows as Kubernetes resources (i.e. within EtcD). This creates a limit to their size as resources must be under 1MB. Each resource includes the status of each node, which is stored in the /status/nodes field for the resource. This can be over 1MB. If this happens, we try and compress the node status and store it in /status/compressedNodes. If the status is still too large, we then try and store it in an SQL database.

To enable this feature, configure a Postgres or MySQL database under persistence in your configuration and set nodeStatusOffLoad: true.


Why aren't my workflows appearing in the database?

Offloading is expensive and often unneccessary, so we only offload when we need to. Your workflows aren't probably large enough.

Error "Failed to submit workflow: etcdserver: request is too large."

You must use the Argo CLI having exported export ARGO_SERVER=....