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Workflow Progress


v2.12 and after

When you run a workflow, the controller will report on its progress.

We define progress as two numbers, N/M such that 0 <= N <= M and 0 <= M.

  • N is the number of completed tasks.
  • M is the total number of tasks.

E.g. 0/0, 0/1 or 50/100.

Unlike estimated duration, progress is deterministic. I.e. it will be the same for each workflow, regardless of any problems.

Progress for each node is calculated as follows:

  1. For a pod node either 1/1 if completed or 0/1 otherwise.
  2. For non-leaf nodes, the sum of its children.

For a whole workflow's, progress is the sum of all its leaf nodes.


M will increase during workflow run each time a node is added to the graph.