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Resume A Workflow

For automation, we want just the name of the workflow, we can use labels to get just this our suspended workflow:

WF=$(argo list -l --running -o name)
WF=$(curl $ARGO_SERVER/api/v1/workflows/argo?,\! \
  -fs \
  -H "Authorization: $ARGO_TOKEN" |
  jq -r '.items[0]')

You can resume the workflow via the CLI or API too. If you have more than one node waiting, you must target it using a node field selector.

argo resume $WF --node-field-selector displayName=a
curl $ARGO_SERVER/api/v1/workflows/argo/$WF/resume \
  -fs \
  -X 'PUT' \
  -H "Authorization: $ARGO_TOKEN" \
  -d '{"nodeFieldSelector": "displayName=a"}' 

Now the workflow will have resumed and completed.

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