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Build on the Java SDK by stabilising the code base. Continue to improve the stability of SDKs, for example correcting bugs in OpenAPI specifications.

More Ways to Trigger Workflows

Offer new ways to trigger workflows on top of existing mechanisms such as via the GUI or CLI.

For example, how can one workflow trigger another workflow? Build out-of-the-box support for triggering workflows via webhooks, so it is easier to integrate with third-party tools such as Github or Gitlab.

Controller Enhancements

Provide new features and enhancements that build on existing controller and executor functionality.


Memoization of workflow steps allows workflow to execute quicker by work-avoidance. This will be improved by adding support for automatic TTL and alternative storage options to config maps.

Semaphores and Mutexes

Enable more ways to lock workflows when waiting on resources with the existing semaphore capability and mutexes.

Task Level Priorities

Introduce task level priorities to enable fine-tuning of the order of nodes within an workflow execution graph.

Artifact Management Enhancements

Improve the handling of artifacts loaded from AWS, GCS, Artifactory et al. For example, features to support artifactRepositoryRef, or automatically creating buckets.

Metrics & Reporting

Make it easier to understand how long and how much resource workflows use by supporting automatic duration prediction for newly started workflows and historical workflow reports.

Scaling, Reliability, Performance

Continue to improve support for large numbers (10,000+) of massive (2,000+ node) workflows.

Be able to show larger workflows in GUI by enabling the filtering and collapsing of workflow graphs in the GUI. Make improvements to listing large numbers of workflows on GUI by using filtering, sorting, and pagination; or grouping workflows is list view.

Execute Failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) and stress testing to identify areas for improvement and then implement changes to make workflows and archiving run more reliably.

Argo Events Integration

Improve integration with Argo Events to enable users to trigger workflows in more ways and provide clearer linkage between the cause and outcome.

Workflow Template Catalog

Support and help build out the workflow template catalog, a library of reusable templates for common workflow tasks.

Use Case Specific Enhancements

We're looking for partners and contributors to help design and develop changes to specifically help the following use cases:

  • MLOps
  • AIOps
  • Data/Batch Processing
  • CI/CD Pipelines