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For running large workflows, you'll typically need to scale the controller to match.

Horizontally Scaling

You cannot horizontally scale the controller.

Vertically Scaling

You can scale the controller vertically:

  • If you have many workflows, increase --workflow-workers and --workflow-ttl-workers.
  • Increase both --qps and --burst.

You will need to increase the controller's memory and CPU.


One Install Per Namespace

Rather than running a single installation in your cluster, run one per namespace using the --namespaced flag.

Instance ID

Within a cluster can use instance ID to run N Argo instances within a cluster.

Create one namespace for each Argo, e.g. argo-i1, argo-i2:.

Edit workflow-controller-configmap.yaml for each namespace to set an instance ID.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: workflow-controller-configmap
    instanceID: i1

v2.9 and after

You may need to pass the instance ID to the CLI:

argo --instanceid i1 submit my-wf.yaml

You do not need to have one instance ID per namespace, you could have many or few.


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