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Stress Testing

Create a cluster in jesse-sb project with at least 21 nodes.

Install gcloud binary.

Login to GCP: gloud auth login

Get your KUBECONFIG, something like:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials cluster-1 --zone us-central1-c --project jesse-sb

Run make start PROFILE=stress.

Make sure pods are running:

kubectl get deployments

If this fails, just try running it again.

  • Open https://localhost:2746/workflows/argo and check it loads and that you can run a workflow.
  • Open http://localhost:9090/metrics and check you can see the Prometheus metrics.
  • Open http://localhost:9091/graph and check you can see a Prometheus graph.
  • Open http://localhost:6060 and check you can access pprof.

Open test/stress/main.go and run it with a small number (e.g. 10) workflows and make sure they complete.

Do you get ImagePullBackOff? Make sure image is argoproj/argosay:v2 in kubectl -n argo edit workflowtemplate massive-workflow.

You can use this Tab Auto Refresh Chrome extension to auto-refresh the page.

Open test/stress/main.go and run it with a large number (e.g. 10000).

  • Use Prometheus to analyse this.
  • Use PProf using ./hack/ and look at allocs and profile for costly areas.