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Upgrading Guide

Breaking changes typically (sometimes we don't realise they are breaking) have "!" in the commit message, as per the conventional commits.

Upgrading to v3.5

There are no known breaking changes in this release. Please file an issue if you encounter any unexpected problems after upgrading.

Upgrading to v3.4

Non-Emissary executors are removed. (#7829)

Emissary executor is now the only supported executor. If you are using other executors, e.g. docker, k8sapi, pns, and kubelet, you need to remove your containerRuntimeExecutors and containerRuntimeExecutor from your controller's configmap. If you have workflows that use different executors with the label, this is no longer supported and will not be effective.

chore!: Remove dataflow pipelines from codebase. (#9071)

You are affected if you are using dataflow pipelines in the UI or via the /pipelines endpoint. We no longer support dataflow pipelines and all relevant code has been removed.

feat!: Add entrypoint lookup. Fixes #8344

Affected if:

  • Using the Emissary executor.
  • Used the args field for any entry in images.

This PR automatically looks up the command and entrypoint. The implementation for config look-up was incorrect (it allowed you to specify args but not entrypoint). args has been removed to correct the behaviour.

If you are incorrectly configured, the workflow controller will error on start-up.


You don't need to configure images that use v2 manifests anymore. You can just remove them (e.g. argoproj/argosay:v2):

% docker manifest inspect argoproj/argosay:v2
"schemaVersion": 2,

For v1 manifests (e.g. docker/whalesay:latest):

% docker image inspect -f '{{.Config.Entrypoint}} {{.Config.Cmd}}' docker/whalesay:latest
[] [/bin/bash]
    cmd: [/bin/bash]

feat: Fail on invalid config. (#8295)

The workflow controller will error on start-up if incorrectly configured, rather than silently ignoring mis-configuration.

Failed to register watch for controller config map: error unmarshaling JSON: while decoding JSON: json: unknown field \"args\"

feat: add indexes for improve archived workflow performance. (#8860)

This PR adds indexes to archived workflow tables. This change may cause a long time to upgrade if the user has a large table.

feat: enhance artifact visualization (#8655)

For AWS users using S3: visualizing artifacts in the UI and downloading them now requires an additional "Action" to be configured in your S3 bucket policy: "ListBucket".

Upgrading to v3.3

662a7295b feat: Replace patch pod with create workflowtaskresult. Fixes #3961 (#8000)

The PR changes the permissions that can be used by a workflow to remove the pod patch permission.

See workflow RBAC and #8013.

06d4bf76f fix: Reduce agent permissions. Fixes #7986 (#7987)

The PR changes the permissions used by the agent to report back the outcome of HTTP template requests. The permission patch workflowtasksets/status replaces patch workflowtasksets, for example:

kind: Role
  name: agent
  - apiGroups:
      - workflowtasksets/status
      - patch

Workflows running during any upgrade should be give both permissions.

See #8013.

feat!: Remove deprecated config flags

This PR removes the following configmap items -

  • executorImage (use executor.image in configmap instead) e.g. Workflow controller configmap similar to the following one given below won't be valid anymore:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: workflow-controller-configmap
  executorImage: argoproj/argocli:latest

From now and onwards, only provide the executor image in workflow controller as a command argument as shown below:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: workflow-controller-configmap
  executor: |
    image: argoproj/argocli:latest
  • executorImagePullPolicy (use executor.imagePullPolicy in configmap instead) e.g. Workflow controller configmap similar to the following one given below won't be valid anymore:
  executorImagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

Change it as shown below:

  executor: |
    imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
  • executorResources (use executor.resources in configmap instead) e.g. Workflow controller configmap similar to the following one given below won't be valid anymore:
      cpu: 0.1
      memory: 64Mi
      cpu: 0.5
      memory: 512Mi

Change it as shown below:

  executor: |
        cpu: 0.1
        memory: 64Mi
        cpu: 0.5
        memory: 512Mi

fce82d572 feat: Remove pod workers (#7837)

This PR removes pod workers from the code, the pod informer directly writes into the workflow queue. As a result the --pod-workers flag has been removed.

93c11a24ff feat: Add TLS to Metrics and Telemetry servers (#7041)

This PR adds the ability to send metrics over TLS with a self-signed certificate. In v3.5 this will be enabled by default, so it is recommended that users enable this functionality now.

0758eab11 feat(server)!: Sync dispatch of webhook events by default

This is not expected to impact users.

Events dispatch in the Argo Server has been change from async to sync by default. This is so that errors are surfaced to the client, rather than only appearing as logs or Kubernetes events. It is possible that response times under load are too long for your client and you may prefer to revert this behaviour.

To revert this behaviour, restart Argo Server with ARGO_EVENT_ASYNC_DISPATCH=true. Make sure that asyncDispatch=true is logged.

bd49c6303 fix(artifact)!: default https to any URL missing a scheme. Fixes #6973

HTTPArtifact without a scheme will now defaults to https instead of http

user need to explicitly include a http prefix if they want to retrieve HTTPArtifact through http

chore!: Remove the hidden flag --verify from argo submit

The hidden flag --verify has been removed from argo submit. This is a internal testing flag we don't need anymore.

Upgrading to v3.2

e5b131a33 feat: Add template node to pod name. Fixes #1319 (#6712)

This add the template name to the pod name, to make it easier to understand which pod ran which step. This behaviour can be reverted by setting POD_NAMES=v1 on the workflow controller.

be63efe89 feat(executor)!: Change argoexec base image to alpine. Closes #5720 (#6006)

Changing from Debian to Alpine reduces the size of the argoexec image, resulting is faster starting workflow pods, and it also reduce the risk of security issues. There is not such thing as a free lunch. There maybe other behaviour changes we don't know of yet.

Some users found this change prevented workflow with very large parameters from running. See #7586

48d7ad3 chore: Remove onExit naming transition scaffolding code (#6297)

When upgrading from <v2.12 to >v3.2 workflows that are running at the time of the upgrade and have onExit steps may experience the onExit step running twice. This is only applicable for workflows that began running before a workflow-controller upgrade and are still running after the upgrade is complete. This is only applicable for upgrading from v2.12 or earlier directly to v3.2 or later. Even under these conditions, duplicate work may not be experienced.

Upgrading to v3.1

3fff791e4 build!: Automatically add manifests to v* tags (#5880)

The manifests in the repository on the tag will no longer contain the image tag, instead they will contain :latest.

  • You must not get your manifests from the Git repository, you must get them from the release notes.
  • You must not use the stable tag. This is defunct, and will be removed in v3.1.

ab361667a feat(controller) Emissary executor. (#4925)

The Emissary executor is not a breaking change per-se, but it is brand new so we would not recommend you use it by default yet. Instead, we recommend you test it out on some workflows using a workflow-controller-configmap configuration.

# Specifies the executor to use.
# You can use this to:
# * Tailor your executor based on your preference for security or performance.
# * Test out an executor without committing yourself to use it for every workflow.
# To find out which executor was actually use, see the `wait` container logs.
# The list is in order of precedence; the first matching executor is used.
# This has precedence over `containerRuntimeExecutor`.
containerRuntimeExecutors: |
  - name: emissary
      matchLabels: emissary

be63efe89 feat(controller): Expression template tags. Resolves #4548 & #1293 (#5115)

This PR introduced a new expression syntax know as "expression tag template". A user has reported that this does not always play nicely with the when condition syntax (Goevaluate).

This can be resolved using a single quote in your when expression:

when: "'{{inputs.parameters.should-print}}' != '2021-01-01'"

Learn more

Upgrading to v3.0

defbd600e fix: Default ARGO_SECURE=true. Fixes #5607 (#5626)

The server now starts with TLS enabled by default if a key is available. The original behaviour can be configured with --secure=false.

If you have an ingress, you may need to add the appropriate annotations:(varies by ingress): HTTPS HTTPS

01d310235 chore(server)!: Required authentication by default. Resolves #5206 (#5211)

To login to the user interface, you must provide a login token. The original behaviour can be configured with --auth-mode=server.

f31e0c6f9 chore!: Remove deprecated fields (#5035)

Some fields that were deprecated in early 2020 have been removed.

Field Action
template.template and template.templateRef The workflow spec must be changed to use steps or DAG, otherwise the workflow will error.
spec.ttlSecondsAfterFinished change to spec.ttlStrategy.secondsAfterCompletion, otherwise the workflow will not be garbage collected as expected.

To find impacted workflows:

kubectl get wf --all-namespaces -o yaml | grep templateRef
kubectl get wf --all-namespaces -o yaml | grep ttlSecondsAfterFinished

c8215f972 feat(controller)!: Key-only artifacts. Fixes #3184 (#4618)

This change is not breaking per-se, but many users do not appear to aware of artifact repository ref, so check your usage of that feature if you have problems.


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