Why is my application still OutOfSync immediately after a successful Sync?

See Diffing documentation for reasons resources can be OutOfSync, and ways to configure Argo CD to ignore fields when differences are expected.

Why is my application stuck in Progressing state?

Argo CD provides health for several standard Kubernetes types. The Ingress and StatefulSet types have known issues which might cause health check to return Progressing state instead of Healthy.

  • Ingress is considered healthy if status.loadBalancer.ingress list is non-empty, with at least one value for hostname or IP. Some ingress controllers (contour, traefik) don't update status.loadBalancer.ingress field which causes Ingress to stuck in Progressing state forever.

  • StatufulSet is considered healthy if value of status.updatedReplicas field matches to spec.replicas field. Due to Kubernetes bug kubernetes/kubernetes#68573 the status.updatedReplicas is not populated. So unless you run Kubernetes version which include the fix kubernetes/kubernetes#67570 StatefulSet might stay in Progressing state.

As workaround Argo CD allows providing health check customization which overrides default behavior.

I forgot the admin password, how do I reset it?

Edit the argocd-secret secret and update the admin.password field with a new bcrypt hash. You can use a site like https://www.browserling.com/tools/bcrypt to generate a new hash. Another option is to delete both the admin.password and admin.passwordMtime keys and restart argocd-server.