Features/Resource Hooks

Resource Hooks


Hooks are ways to interject custom logic before, during, and after a Sync operation. Some use cases for hooks are:

  • Using a PreSync hook to perform a database schema migration before deploying a new version of the app.
  • Using a Sync hook to orchestrate a complex deployment requiring more sophistication than the kubernetes rolling update strategy (e.g. a blue/green deployment).
  • Using a PostSync hook to run integration and health checks after a deployment.


Hooks are simply kubernetes manifests annotated with the argocd.argoproj.io/hook annotation. To make use of hooks, simply add the annotation to any resource:

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: Job
  generateName: schema-migrate-
    argocd.argoproj.io/hook: PreSync

During a Sync operation, Argo CD will create the resource during the appropriate stage of the deployment. Hooks can be any type of Kuberentes resource kind, but tend to be most useful as a Pod, Job or Argo Workflows. Multiple hooks can be specified as a comma separated list.

Available Hooks

The following hooks are defined:

Hook Description
PreSync Executes prior to the apply of the manifests.
Sync Executes after all PreSync hooks completed and were successful. Occurs in conjuction with the apply of the manifests.
Skip Indicates to Argo CD to skip the apply of the manifest. This is typically used in conjunction with a Sync hook which is presumably handling the deployment in an alternate way (e.g. blue-green deployment)
PostSync Executes after all Sync hooks completed and were successful, a succcessful apply, and all resources in a Healthy state.

Hook Deletion Policies

Hooks can be deleted in an automatic fashion using the annotation: argocd.argoproj.io/hook-delete-policy.

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: Job
  generateName: integration-test-
    argocd.argoproj.io/hook: PostSync
    argocd.argoproj.io/hook-delete-policy: HookSucceeded

The following policies define when the hook will be deleted.

Policy Description
HookSucceeded The hook resource is deleted after the hook succeeded (e.g. Job/Workflow completed successfully).
HookFailed The hook resource is deleted after the hook failed.