Argo Events Documentation

Why Argo Events?

  • Containers. Designed from the ground-up as Kubernetes-native.
  • Extremely lightweight. All signals, with exception of calendar based signals, are event-driven, meaning there is no polling involved.
  • Configurable. Choose which signals to support and only deploy those you want to Kubernetes.
  • Scalability & Resilient. Signal sources run as stateless microservices enabling you to scale simply by increasing the deployment replicas.
  • Simple or Complex dependencies. Manage everything from simple, linear, real-time dependencies to complex, multi-source batch job dependencies.


Argo Events is an open source event-based dependency manager for Kubernetes. The core concept of the project are sensors which are implemented as a Kubernetes-native Custom Resource Definition that define a set of dependencies (inputs) and actions (outputs). The sensor's actions will only be triggered after it's dependencies have been resolved.

  • Define multiple dependencies from a variety of sources
  • Plugin custom signal microservices to support business-level constraint logic
  • Trigger messages and Kubernetes object creation after successful dependency resolution
  • Trigger escalation after errors, or dependency constraint failures
  • Build and manage a distributed, cross-team, event-driven architecture
  • Easily leverage Kubernetes native APIs to monitor dependencies

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