Argo Events - The Event-Based Dependency Manager for Kubernetes

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What is Argo Events?

Argo Events is an event-based dependency manager for Kubernetes which helps you define multiple dependencies from a variety of event sources like webhook, s3, schedules, streams etc. and trigger Kubernetes objects after successful event dependencies resolution.

High Level Overview


  • Manage dependencies from a variety of event sources.
  • Ability to customize business-level constraint logic for event dependencies resolution.
  • Manage everything from simple, linear, real-time dependencies to complex, multi-source, batch job dependencies.
  • Ability to extends framework to add your own event source listener.
  • Define arbitrary boolean logic to resolve event dependencies.
  • CloudEvents compliant.
  • Ability to manage event sources at runtime.


To learn more about Argo Events, go to complete documentation


Read and abide by the Argo Events Code of Conduct

Contributions are more than welcome, if you are interested please take a look at our Contributing Guidelines.


Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE