Release Instructions

Allow 1h to do a release.


Cherry-pick your changes from master onto the release branch.

Mandatory: the release branch must be green in CircleCI.

It is a very good idea to clean up before you start:

make clean
kubectl delete ns argo


To generate new manifests and perform basic checks:

make prepare-release VERSION=v2.5.0-rc6

Next, build everything:

make build

Publish the images and local Git changes:

make publish-release

Create the release in Github. You can get some text for this using Github Toolkit:

ght relnote v2.5.0-rc5..v2.5.0-rc6


K3D tip: you'll need to import the images:

k3d import-images argoproj/argocli:v2.5.0-rc6 argoproj/argoexec:v2.5.0-rc6 argoproj/workflow-controller:v2.5.0-rc6

Install Argo locally:

kubectl create ns argo
kubectl apply -n argo -f
make pf-bg 

Maybe run e2e tests?

make test-e2e