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Google Chat


The Google Chat notification service send message notifications to a google chat webhook. This service uses the following settings:

  • webhooks - a map of the form webhookName: webhookUrl


  1. Open Google chat and go to the space to which you want to send messages
  2. From the menu at the top of the page, select Configure Webhooks
  3. Under Incoming Webhooks, click Add Webhook
  4. Give a name to the webhook, optionally add an image and click Save
  5. Copy the URL next to your webhook
  6. Store the URL in argocd-notification-secret and declare it in argo-rollouts-notification-configmap
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: argo-rollouts-notification-configmap
  service.googlechat: |
      spaceName: $space-webhook-url
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: <secret-name>
  1. Create a subscription for your space
kind: Application
  annotations: spaceName


You can send simple text or card messages to a Google Chat space. A simple text message template can be defined as follows: |
  message: The app {{ }} has successfully synced!

A card message can be defined as follows: |
    cardsV2: |
      - header:
          title: ArgoCD Bot Notification
          - widgets:
              - decoratedText:
                  text: The app {{ }} has successfully synced!
          - widgets:
              - decoratedText:
                  topLabel: Repository
                  text: {{ call .repo.RepoURLToHTTPS .app.spec.source.repoURL }}
              - decoratedText:
                  topLabel: Revision
                  text: {{ .app.spec.source.targetRevision }}
              - decoratedText:
                  topLabel: Author
                  text: {{ (call .repo.GetCommitMetadata .app.status.sync.revision).Author }}
All Card fields are supported and can be used in notifications. It is also possible to use the previous (now deprecated) cards key to use the legacy card fields, but this is not recommended as Google has deprecated this field and recommends using the newer cardsV2.

The card message can be written in JSON too.

Chat Threads

It is possible send both simple text and card messages in a chat thread by specifying a unique key for the thread. The thread key can be defined as follows: |
  message: The app {{ }} has successfully synced!
    threadKey: {{ }}