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Argo Events - The Event-driven Workflow Automation Framework

What is Argo Events?

Argo Events is an event-driven workflow automation framework for Kubernetes which helps you trigger K8s objects, Argo Workflows, Serverless workloads, etc. on events from a variety of sources like webhooks, S3, schedules, messaging queues, gcp pubsub, sns, sqs, etc.

High Level Overview


  • Supports events from 20+ event sources.
  • Ability to customize business-level constraint logic for workflow automation.
  • Manage everything from simple, linear, real-time to complex, multi-source events.
  • Supports Kubernetes Objects, Argo Workflow, AWS Lambda, Serverless, etc. as triggers.
  • CloudEvents compliant.

Getting Started

Follow these instruction to set up Argo Events.



  1. Argo Workflows
  2. Standard K8s Objects
  3. HTTP Requests / Serverless Workloads (OpenFaaS, Kubeless, KNative etc.)
  4. AWS Lambda
  5. NATS Messages
  6. Kafka Messages
  7. Slack Notifications
  8. Azure Event Hubs Messages
  9. Argo Rollouts
  10. Custom Trigger / Build Your Own Trigger
  11. Apache OpenWhisk
  12. Log Trigger

Event Sources

Argo Events supports 20+ event sources. The complete list of event sources is available here.

Who uses Argo Events?

Check the list to see who are officially using Argo Events. Please send a PR with your organization name if you are using Argo Events.

Community Blogs and Presentations

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