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Argo Events - The Event-driven Workflow Automation Framework

What is Argo Events?

Argo Events is an event-driven workflow automation framework for Kubernetes which helps you trigger K8s objects, Argo Workflows, Serverless workloads, etc. on events from variety of sources like webhook, s3, schedules, messaging queues, gcp pubsub, sns, sqs, etc.

High Level Overview


  • Supports events from 20+ event sources.
  • Ability to customize business-level constraint logic for workflow automation.
  • Manage everything from simple, linear, real-time to complex, multi-source events.
  • Supports Kubernetes Objects, Argo Workflow, AWS Lambda, Serverless, etc. as triggers.
  • CloudEvents compliant.

Getting Started

Follow these instruction to set up Argo Events.



  1. Argo Workflows
  2. Standard K8s Objects
  3. HTTP Requests / Serverless Workloads (OpenFaas, Kubeless, KNative etc.)
  4. AWS Lambda
  5. NATS Messages
  6. Kafka Messages
  7. Slack Notifications
  8. Azure Event Hubs Messages
  9. Argo Rollouts
  10. Custom Trigger / Build Your Own Trigger
  11. Apache OpenWhisk
  12. Log Trigger

Event Sources

Argo Events supports 20+ event sources. The complete list of event sources is available here.

Who uses Argo Events?

Check the list to see who are officially using Argo Events. Please send a PR with your organization name if you are using Argo Events.

Community Blogs and Presentations