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Azure Queue Storage

Azure Queue Storage event-source allows you to consume messages from azure storage queues.

Event Structure

The structure of an event dispatched by the event-source over the eventbus looks like following,

        "context": {
          "id": "unique_event_id",
          "source": "name_of_the_event_source",
          "specversion": "cloud_events_version",
          "type": "type_of_event_source",
          "datacontenttype": "type_of_data",
          "subject": "name_of_the_configuration_within_event_source"
          "time": "event_time",
        "data": {
            "messageID": "MessageID is the ID of the message",
            "body": "Body represents the message body",
            "insertionTime": "InsertionTime is the time the message was inserted into the queue",


  1. Create a queue called test either using az cli or Azure storage management console.

  2. Fetch your connection string for Azure Queue Storage and base64 encode it.

  3. Create a secret called azure-secret as follows.

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Secret
      name: azure-secret
    type: Opaque
      connectionstring: <base64-connection-string>
  4. Deploy the secret.

    kubectl -n argo-events apply -f azure-secret.yaml
  5. Create the event source by running the following command.

    kubectl apply -n argo-events -f
  6. Inspect the event-source pod logs to make sure it was able to listen to the queue specified in the event source to consume messages.

  7. Create a sensor by running the following command.

    kubectl apply -n argo-events -f
  8. Dispatch a message to the queue.

    az storage message put -q test --content {"message": "hello"}'  --account-name mystorageaccount --connection-string "<the-connection-string>"
  9. Once a message is published, an argo workflow will be triggered. Run argo list to find the workflow.


Please read the FAQ.

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