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Service Accounts

Service Account for EventSources

A Service Account can be specified in the EventSource object with spec.template.serviceAccountName, however it is not needed for all the EventSource types except resource. For a resource EventSource, you need to specify a Service Account and give it list and watch permissions for the resource being watched.

For example, if you want to watch actions on Deployment objects, you need to:

  1. Create a Service Account.

    kubectl -n your-namespace create sa my-sa
  2. Grant RBAC privileges to it.

    kubectl -n your-namespace create role deployments-watcher --verb=list,watch --resource=deployments.apps
    kubectl -n your-namespace create rolebinding deployments-watcher-role-binding --role=deployments-watcher --serviceaccount=your-namespace:my-sa

    or (if you want to watch cluster scope)

    kubectl create clusterrole deployments-watcher --verb=list,watch --resource=deployments.apps
    kubectl create clusterrolebinding deployments-watcher-clusterrole-binding --clusterrole=deployments-watcher --serviceaccount=your-namespace:my-sa

Service Account for Sensors

A Service Account also can be specified in a Sensor object via spec.template.serviceAccountName, this is only needed when k8s trigger or argoWorkflow trigger is defined in the Sensor object.

The sensor examples provided by us use operate-workflow-sa service account to execute the triggers, but it has more permissions than needed, and you may want to limit those privileges based on your use-case. It's always a good practice to create a service account with minimum privileges to execute it.

Argo Workflow Trigger

  • To submit a workflow through argoWorkflow trigger, make sure to grant the Service Account create and list access to

  • To resubmit, retry, resume or suspend a workflow through argoWorkflow trigger, the service account needs update and get access to

K8s Resource Trigger

To trigger a K8s resource including through k8s trigger, make sure to grant create permission to that resource.

AWS Lambda, HTTP, Slack, NATS, Kafka, and OpenWhisk Triggers

For these triggers, you don't need to specify a Service Account to the Sensor.

Service Account for Triggered Workflows (or other K8s resources)

When the Sensor is used to trigger a Workflow, you might need to configure the Service Account used in the Workflow spec (NOT spec.template.serviceAccountName) following Argo Workflow instructions.

If it is used to trigger other K8s resources (i.e. a Deployment), make sure to follow least privilege principle.

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