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Q. How to get started with Argo Events?

A. The recommended way to get started with Argo Events is:

  1. Read the basic concepts about EventBus, Sensor and Event Source.
  2. Install Argo Events as outlined here.
  3. Read the tutorials available here.

Q. Can I deploy event-source and sensor in a namespace different than argo-events?

A. Yes. If you want to deploy the event-source in a different namespace than argo-events, please update the event-source definition with the desired namespace and service account. Make sure to grant the service account the necessary roles.

Q. How to debug Argo-Events.


  1. Make sure you have installed everything as instructed here.
  2. Make sure you have the EventBus resource created within the namespace.
  3. The event-bus, event-source and sensor pods must be running. If you see any issue with the pods, check the logs for sensor-controller, event-source-controller and event-bus-controller.
  4. If event-source and sensor pods are running, but you are not receiving any events:
    • Make sure you have configured the event source correctly.
    • Check the event-source pod's containers logs.

Note: You can set the environment variable DEBUG_LOG:true in any of the containers to output debug logs. See here for a debug example.

Q. The event-source pod is receiving events but nothing happens.


  1. Check the sensor resource is deployed and a pod is running for the resource. If the sensor pod is running, check for Started to subscribe events for triggers in the logs. If the sensor has subscribed to the event-bus but is unable to create the trigger resource, please raise an issue on GitHub.

  2. The sensor's dependencies have a specific eventSourceName and eventName that should match the values defined in the EventSource resource. See full details here.

Q. Helm chart installation does not work.

A. The Helm chart for argo events is maintained by the community and can be out of sync with latest release version. The official installation file is available here. If you notice the Helm chart is outdated, we encourage you to contribute to the argo-helm repository on GitHub.

Q. Kustomization file doesn't have a X resource.

A. The kustomization.yaml file is maintained by the community. If you notice that it is out of sync with the official installation file, please raise a PR.

Q. Can I use the Minio event-source for AWS S3 notifications?

A. No. The Minio event-source is exclusively for use only with Minio servers. If you want to trigger workloads on an AWS S3 bucket notification, set up the AWS SNS event-source.

Q. If I have multiple event dependencies and triggers in a single sensor, can I execute a specific trigger upon a specific event?

A. Yes, this functionality is offered by the sensor event resolution circuitry. Please take a look at the Circuit and Switch tutorial.

Q. The latest image tag does not point to latest release tag?

A. When it comes to image tags, the golden rule is do not trust the latest tag. Always use the pinned version of the images. We will try to keep the latest tag in sync with the most recently released version.

Q. Where can I find the event structure for a particular event-source?

A. Please refer to this file to understand the structure of different types of events dispatched by the event-source pod.

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