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Validating Admission Webhook


v1.3 and after


Starting from v1.3, a Validating Admission Webhook is introduced to the project. To install the validating webhook, use following command (change the version):

kubectl apply -n argo-events -f{version}/manifests/install-validating-webhook.yaml


Using the validating webhook has following benefits:

  • It notifies the error at the time applying the faulty spec, so that you don't need to check the CRD object status field to see if there's any condition errors later on.

e.g. Creating an exotic NATS EventBus without ClusterID specified:

cat <<EOF | kubectl create -f -
> apiVersion:
> kind: EventBus
> metadata:
>   name: default
> spec:
>   nats:
>     exotic: {}
Error from server (BadRequest): error when creating "STDIN": admission webhook "" denied the request: "spec.nats.exotic.clusterID" is missing
  • Spec updating behavior can be validated.

Updating existing specs requires more validation, besides checking if the new spec is valid, we also need to check if there's any immutable fields being updated. This can not be done in the controller reconciliation, but we can do it by using the validating webhook.

For example, updating Auth Strategy for a native NATS EventBus is prohibited, a denied response as following will be returned.

Error from server (BadRequest): error when applying patch:
Resource: ", Resource=eventbus", GroupVersionKind: ", Kind=EventBus"
Name: "default", Namespace: "argo-events"
for: "test-eventbus.yaml": admission webhook "" denied the request: "spec.nats.native.auth" is immutable, can not be updated
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